Top 10 Apple keyboard shortcuts for business users

No doubt, Apple products are expensive. But then you must be thinking that why do people purchase it at all? The answer is indeed quite simple. Masses flock to buy Apple products because they are reliable. They are very easy to use, and that is why more and more people opt for them with each passing day. If you do not believe this, you can instantly search for their turnover and then see what their competitors are making. This is why you must be aware of a few Apple keyboard shortcuts so that your work is made more comfortable and also faster. Now, read ahead to find some of these shortcuts.

  1. The way to quit any Mac program: Command-Q

Whenever you are using your MacBook, you will see that each time you click on X to close the page, there is still a small white dot under the icon on your desktop. This is how you know that it is still running in the background and is likely to eat into your charge. Thus, you must quit it entirely.

  1. The way to close Mac windows quickly: Command-W

This will help you to close the window that you are using at present. It helps you a lot in the long run because you save time. Otherwise, you will have to drag the cursor and then click on the red X to close the tab.

  1. Open a new word page: Command-N

This is very useful for those who need to do a lot of typing. This way, you can keep opening new word documents instantly instead of having to double-click on the new page option an innumerable number of times.

  1. Select everything on a page: Command-A

This is the simplest way to make the most of the limited time that you have. This can help you to copy everything from one to another instantly without having to waste time to select it manually.

  1. Save word files instantly: Command-S

It’s true that you can click on the file and then go to the save option. But, a more straightforward way is just to use this shortcut and quickly save word files.

  1. Bold a particular section on the word page: Command-B

Whenever you have a long presentation or assignment to submit, you cannot afford to waste a single second on these trivial tasks. This is why this is a shortcut to help you instantly bold what you wish to highlight.

  1. Quickly switch between Mac applications: Command-Tab

The name itself makes it clear that you can switch over to other applications in a second.

  1. Cut on MacBook: Command-X

This is evidently to cut texts.

  1. Find an application quickly: Command-F

This is the finder which helps you instantly search for applications on your MacBook.

  1. Take MacBook screenshots: Command-Shift-3

This is the age of technology. It has been the means through which mankind has been able to excel to another level. Inventions and discoveries are at an all-time high. Apple has changed the way people could think of a common platform for technology as well as luxury. It is the primary reason why it has been so popular since its inception. We can safely say that this is nothing less than a revolution.

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Tips for Bitcoin trading

There is no doubt that 2017 was the best year for Bitcoin and Blockchain. Bitcoin was able to gain a very huge explosion in its popularity in 2017 in comparison to any previous years and thanks to this explosion in popularity, a hype was created for Bitcoin on a global scale among people interested in trading Bitcoin and people interested in the concept of Bitcoin and the technology behind it alike.

If you are someone who is interested in investing in Bitcoin because of its high market value, then you must really know about how Bitcoin works and how the market value of Bitcoin is decided so as to make sure that you make an investment in Bitcoin at the right time and do not incur any loss out of your investment.

Below are some additional tips for Bitcoin trading that you can consider before making an investment in Bitcoin to make sure that you make the correct choices while making your investment in Bitcoin.

  1. Be Aware of the Technicalities behind Bitcoin:
    Bitcoin seems more like an outlier when compared to other assets and commodities that people invest in. This is mainly because of the technology that is behind Bitcoin.Deeply understanding the technicalities behind Bitcoin is really important before you make any investments.
  2. Be Aware of the News Surrounding Bitcoin:
    A sudden increase or decrease in the market value is very much possible in the case of Bitcoin. Therefore, it is very important that you closely monitor all the news that are related to Bitcoin.For example, the news that Russia banned Bitcoin exchanges in the country was strong enough to reduce the market value of Bitcoin by 12.5 percent. Similarly, a news that CME Group announced Bitcoin futures launch was enough to raise the market value of Bitcoin by 3.8 percent.
  3. Set a Stop-loss level to reduce losses if incurred:
    A Stop-loss level is a minimum level that is set for every trade. For example, if you make an investment in Bitcoin and set a Stop-loss level, and later if the market value for Bitcoin is consistently dropping, then you will wait until the market value drops and meets the Stop-loss level that you have previously set. Once the price reaches the Stop-loss level, you should consider selling off your investment. A Stop-loss level is set in every investment so that even if the market value drops continuously, a loss is not incurred from the investment. 

Final Words

India’s Fastest Cryptocurrency Exchange service is provided at Pocketbits.  We hope that the tips for Bitcoin trading that we mentioned above were helpful to you. In case you are a Bitcoin trader and wants to share some of your own tips for Bitcoin trading, then please do leave them as comments below.

Job Market Is Good For CCNA Students

CCNA that which stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate and is the establishment of the three-level Cisco Certification. CCNA Training is planned to help work region architects and field specialists it field lures groups of young people and CCNA course is an area to get into this field. Various metro urban territories of india like bangalore, chennai and delhi are the epicenter of it, industry where you could find diverse openings for work in networking field.


Networking engineers are in charge of building and overseeing PC systems. To surpass desires in networking field you more likely than not particular preparing from an assumed foundation of networking. There are many computer preparing organizations in Delhi and outside, a considerable lot of them give preparing in networking courses, however before you take affirmation for CCNA course, it is prudent to check the notoriety of the foundation and capability of its showing staff and other required variables.


To apply in a super IT organization it is vital to have confirmation from a notable establishment of your city. A careful preparing in CCNA encourages students to increase point by point learning in networking field and furthermore familiarizes in the setup and installations of networking framework. Students additionally find out about web convention which is broadly utilized as a part of computer networking.


CCNA specialists can find different occupations in IT organizations as networking engineers. It has turned into an undeniable vocation dissimilar to prior days when individuals were not supported for networking courses because of constrained degree. Uber IT organizations like IBM, HCL. Microsoft and Cognizant utilize networking engineers in a vast number so they can care for the whole web of networking in their organizations.


With the growing usage of computers in each field of effectiveness CCNA specialists are required in a huge number from working environments to shops and houses. As a CCNA networking build you may in similar manner like to work autonomously and furthermore, make your own particular clients. A few organizations which don’t utilize whole group of networking engineers, you may make them your customers and work on commission base. To work autonomously it is vital to frame contacts and make customers. In this procedure, you can win great measure of cash and furthermore pick up networking background. In later years as your business thrives you may likewise utilize a group of networking engineers to work under you.


For CCNA certified, to get into presumed IT Company it is critical to have a correct approach with top to bottom learning and concentrated preparing. Subsequent to procuring a few long stretches of work involvement in an organization, you may request a compensation climb or change to another organization to search for better openings and compensation. Due to the unfaltering headway and disclosures happening in pc advancement organizing courses moreover encounter diverse changes and change. Accordingly, it is vital for each networking proficient and understudy to keep refreshed with current networking learning.   Visit ccna security training Bangalore , get Certified also place in good Company.


6 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

We all know that with some simple lifestyle changes can result in a much healthier and better quality of life.Changing some of your current daily eating and exercising habits,by following a healthier diet comprising of whole grain foods and some foods rich in fiber.Mix in whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats to your meals. Whole grains, lean protein, and lean fats make a healthy diet. After a certain number of days of eating meals that contain these things, your life will improve.